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My Background

Certification as a Reiki Master Practitioner/Teacher

Certification as a Life Coach and Master Spirit Life Coach

Member Certified Coaches Alliance

Certified and Registered Holistic Health Practitioner 

Certified Wellness Master Consultant

Certified Sound Therapist

Certified Color Therapist

Certified Spiritual Healer

Registered Metaphysician

Certified Metaphysical Practitioner

Ph.D in Metaphysics

Accredited by World Metaphysical Association (WMA)       

Accredited by the Accreditation Council of Holistic Healers (ACHH)

My Approach

Helmer Holistic Services are available equally to everyone. The HHS focus brings energy work, life coaching, and a variety of metaphysical course offerings to you on your schedule, online and on-demand. Our communication will be primarily via email giving both you and me the opportunity to read, digest and respond at a time when we can give our complete attention to that task. That said, you have my assurance that I will respond promptly to any questions, concerns or thoughts you have shared with me. 

Disclaimer and Privacy Statement

Helmer Holistic Services provides services and training in metaphysical/energy modalities. The training is provided for personal enrichment and not to override competent medical or professional advice.


All information on this site should only be used as a guide. The information contained in this website as well as services provided is not aimed at diagnosing, treating or preventing any illness.  The founders/authors and/or practitioner of the materials taught, are not medical doctors, attorneys, psychiatrists, therapists or licensed in any other health care profession. We do not diagnose, cure, heal, or treat disease, nor do we provide psychological treatment.

Additionally, Helmer Holistic Services is not responsible for any damage arising either directly or consequentially out of the use or inability to use the information or services provided.

Privacy Statement: Helmer Holistic Services values your privacy and security. We will never sell your email address, IP address, location, credit card/payment information, or your affiliation as a current or former student.

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