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Guided Meditations

There are three popular types of guided meditation offered by Helmer Holistic Services. They are: mindfulness, stress reduction and relaxation.

In our day to day lives, our thoughts tend to be scattered depending on the sensory stimuli that trigger them. During a mindfulness meditation, your mind is trained to stay quiet and stay put. All sensory stimuli will continue, but in mindfulness meditation, we train the mind to remain in the present versus following the stimuli, by focusing on our breath, a physical sensation,a mental image or perhaps a sound. These "anchors" help keep our mind in the present moment, quiet and focused. 

Helmer Holistic Services offers a variety of guided meditations that can be tailored specifically to the client's needs.  Guided meditation can help individuals cope more efficiently and calmly with a variety of life situations including: insomnia, stage fright, medical procedures, job interviews, grief, and so much more. Whatever your need or needs, Helmer Holistic Services can provide you with the tools you can use to keep you at the peak of overall well being. All meditations are offered remotely via audio recordings. 

Fee: $40.00 USD

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