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Energy Wellness Consultation

You might be uncertain as to which energy healing modality you could benefit from the most. Or, you may have received the benefits of one type of energy healing, but feel you might need another energy healing modality now because of your current circumstances; and if you do, you might or might not be clear on which energy modality would best serve you. Or, you may have never experienced the benefits of any energy healing modality, but would like to explore the possibilities of how it might best serve you. These are just a few of the reasons (and there are as many reasons as there are people) that you could benefit from an energy wellness consultation.

Through email conversation(s), we will explore together what is so for you right now, what you would like to improve or change, and what dreams or goals you might have. PLEASE NOTE: an energy wellness consultation is separate and apart from a medical wellness consultation. If I sense there might be a need for you to consult with your physician, or for you to establish with a physician, I will share that with you. Any energy healing modality that you might wish to experience will serve to relax your body, mind and spirit, such that any one or all three will be optimally receptive to any traditional medical intervention it needs to receive. Energy healing modalities can help relieve stress, boost moods, align chakras, clear your mind, settle your nerves, and provide an overall sense of centeredness and well-being.

Fee: $40.00 USD

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