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Rainbow Rays 
Sacred Gemstone Activations

Rainbow Rays Sacred Gemstone Activations is a two-step process of activation and attunement to eleven sacred gemstones, representing the chakra system and the four elements. This course does not require the student to have any knowledge of gemstone therapy, the chakra system, or Reiki.  This is a transformational energy system (as opposed to a hands-on healing system) connecting the recipient with the natural energies of the eleven sacred gemstones. Our fully accredited program is designed specifically to help you go at your own pace, in the comfort of your own home, to become  fully attuned to the eleven sacred gemstones. The course manual is emailed to you within 24 hours of receipt of payment, so you can begin right away.


The Sacred Gemstones are as follows:




Blue Calcite               


Clear Quartz Crystal



Petrified Wood

Red Jasper

Rose Quartz


This course is designed for those who are gemstone healers, massage therapists, those who work with energy therapies, or those who simply want to manifest change and growth on their spiritual path. An appointment for the student's distance attunement will be set when the student has completed the manual. No telephone or internet contact is required. Once the student has received the attunement a certification of completion, including lineage, will be mailed. Please note that gemstones are NOT included, nor are they required to be attuned to their energies. The student will, however, need to obtain the eleven sacred gemstones if they wish to attune others. Upon successful completion of the attunement , you will earn your professional certification as a Rainbow Rays Master. The signed certificate will be emailed to you, and is suitable for display in your home or office.


Tuition  $55.00 USD

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