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Reiki is a practice and system of spiritual transformation discovered by Mikao Usui. Reiki, which is a Japanese term for "universal life energy", is channeled through the practitioner's hands for use on self and others. Reiki centers the body to help create harmony, and open pathways to spiritual growth and personal change. Additionally, Reiki can help the body be more receptive to traditional medical techniques. As a transformational energy it has been known to propel individuals further along their spiritual path, clarify understanding of life's purpose, heighten intuition, and create a more authentic relationship with the Divine Creator. Those who have received Reiki typically report enhanced peace and overall well-being. Reiki can be performed in person (through touch or non-touch), or from a distance. This "universal life energy" is an intelligent life force and can be transmitted, much as by way of traditional prayer in the Christian tradition, to affect change. 

You do not have to do anything while I conduct the Reiki healing session, although you are welcome to spend the time quietly sitting comfortably in a chair or on a couch. Reiki will go to where it is channeled without the need for you being in the presence of the practitioner or you being actively involved in the session itself. Many people experience a sense of calm, centering, clarity and focus during and after the session. Some have experienced relief of discomfort that has resulted from illness or injury; some experience this relief almost immediately, some experience it at a later time. What Reiki does in every case, however, is relax and center the individual to make the body more receptive to whatever traditional medical intervention and/or healing is needed. The individual may feel nothing, but can trust that Reiki energy is at work.

The Reiki session can be scheduled at a mutually agreeable time. During the session itself, I will be focused on the seven chakras in your body. I will re-align any that are not fully open using a variety of methods along with distance Reiki, including color, sound and meditation. Prior to this session, I will ask you, via email, if there are any issues you would like me to focus on. These issues can be physical, emotional or spiritual. I will email you when I am beginning the session and I will email you at its conclusion. I will include any observations I made during the session itself for your reflection in my follow up email. The session itself will take approximately 30 minutes.

Fee $55.00 USD 

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