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Reiki is a  practice and system of spiritual transformation discovered by Mikao Usui. Reiki, which is a Japanese term for "universal life energy", is channeled through the practitioner's hands for use on self and others. Reiki centers the body to help create harmony, and open pathways to spiritual growth and personal change. Additionally, Reiki can help the body be more receptive to traditional medical techniques. As a transformational energy it has been known to propel individuals further along their spiritual path, clarify understanding of life's purpose, heighten intuition, and create a more authentic relationship with the Divine Creator. Those who have received Reiki typically report enhanced peace and overall well-being. Reiki can be performed in person (through touch or non-touch), or from a distance. This "universal life energy" is an intelligent life force and can be transmitted, much as by way of traditional prayer in the Christian tradition to affect change. 

This is an in-depth accredited course complete with certification and authentic lineage coming from Japan. You will have unlimited lifetime access to a fully trained Reiki Master via email. You will receive all the symbols, all attunements, and complete instruction in the fundamentals of Reiki. This course offers complete training and attunement to levels 1, 2 and 3 (the master level). Achieving level three as a Reiki Master certifies you to teach, attune and certify others in Reiki. Students do not need to be in the presence of the Master Teacher for successful completion and certification. Our fully accredited program is designed specifically to help you go at your own pace, in the comfort of your own home, to become a fully trained and attuned Reiki Master Teacher. The course manual is emailed to you within 24 hours of receipt of payment, so you can begin right away. 

Our fully illustrated e-manual reviews the following objectives:


The Reiki Principles of Mikao Usui

How to Perform Reiki on Pets

The History of Usui Reiki

The Reiki Symbols

Uses of Reiki

Ethical Issues

Who Can Learn Reiki

How to Perform Reiki at a Distance

The 4 Healing Miracles of Mikao Usui

Fees - What is Standard vs. What is Realistic

Reiki-Level by Level

The Role of the Reiki Master in Society

Hand Positions for Self Application

The Student-Teacher Relationship

The Chakra System

The Attunement Procedure for Each Level

Scanning the Auric Field

Distance Attunements - Do They Work?

How To Perform Reiki on Others

How to Perform Distance Attunements

...and so much more!

Why is this Reiki Master Course so Affordable? Everyone, everywhere deserves to learn Reiki. Reiki is energy that comes from God/the Universe, and is not something that anyone should trademark, hoard, or control. Sharing Reiki brings infinite love, light, and blessings to the teacher, as well as the student. The more people with whom Reiki can be shared, students and clients alike, the more people can benefit from its healing. Ultimately, Reiki should be available to anyone, anywhere who wishes to receive it. Usui Reiki, as presented in this course, is offered as the original, singular method of attunement, as Master Usui received it and shared it with his own students.

We provide full instructional support via email for the duration of your program.  Additionally, we will be available to help answer any questions you might have after you have graduated.  There is no time limit to complete this course, but on average students complete the course in 1-3 months. We welcome students from all over the world, from all countries and time zones, who are able to read English or use translation software

Upon successful completion of the course, your Reiki Master Teacher will schedule an attunement with you. Once the attunement has been completed, you will be a certified Reiki Master Teacher. The signed certificate will be emailed to you and is suitable for display in your home or office. 

Tuition $75.00 USD 

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