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Spiritual Healing

The experience of spiritual healing can be deep and profound. It is a personal, intimate experience, and as such, the client does not have to be present during the Litany of Healing. As with prayer, healing of the spirit can be made manifest from anywhere in the world TO anywhere in the world. Your Higher Power, whom I choose to refer to as God, knows your need and is always present. 

I will provide you, via email, with the Litany of Healing that I will conduct on your behalf. You may request any language change that speaks to you more readily than the language provided in the Litany and I will honor your request. You may also request a specific need for spiritual healing if you wish.


We will set a date and time together for this service of healing, but you do not have to do anything at your end to benefit. In fact, if you have another engagement or commitment, the quality of the spiritual healing will not be adversely affected. I will email you when I begin the Litany and I will email you at its conclusion. 

Fee: $30.00

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Image by Greg Rakozy
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