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Universal Rays
Transformation System

The Universal Rays Transformational System consists of seven initiations that correspond to and activate the chakra system. Each Ray is brought forth by an Ascended Master who serves as a guardian of the higher lesson of that realm. The Universal Rays Transformational System is not a religion, not a hands on healing system, such as Reiki, and not a chakra or aura therapy (although the chakras and the aura are utilized.) Instead, the Universal Rays serve as a self-transformational series, which when completed in a singular attunement session propel the client further along his or her spiritual path. Many also find a deep, personal connection to one of the Ascended Masters aligned with this system. The goal of the Universal Rays system is to connect all individuals worldwide to unite as one for Greater Good of the Universe. Those who have been attuned comment that they have found noticeable improvement in their ability to deal with day to day stressors, improvement in their personal relationships, and improvement in their overall sense of well-being. The course manual is emailed to you within 24 hours of receipt of payment, so you can begin right away.

The Seven Realm Rays are:

Root Chakra--One Place--Master Hilarion

Sacral Chakra--One Being--Mother Mary

Solar Plexus Chakra--One Self--Serapis Bey

Heart Chakra--One Heart--Quan Yin

Throat Chakra--One Voice--El Morya

Brow Chakra--One Vision--Saint Germain

Crown Chakra--One Spirit--Melchizedek

We provide full instructional support via email for the duration of your program.  Additionally, we will be available to help answer any questions you might have after you have graduated.  There is no time limit to complete this course, but on average students complete the course in 1-3 months. We welcome students from all over the world, from all countries and time zones, who are able to read English or use translation software.


Once coursework is completed, the instructor will set an appointment for your distance attunement session. The student need not be connected to the instructor via internet, telephone or in person for the attunement.  The student will be attuned to all seven rays in a single attunement session. A signed certificate of completion will be emailed to you, and is suitable for display in your home or office. Upon successful completion of the attunement, you will earn your professional certification as a Universal Rays Master. The signed certificate will be emailed to you, and is suitable for display in your home or office.

Tuition: $44.00

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