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Violet Flame Reiki


The Violet Flame Reiki was originally channeled by Ivy Moore, who received it from the Goddess Quan Yin, the Chinese Deity of Compassion. Violet Flame Reiki is a gentle, feminine, and powerful form of healing energy. It is experienced as the Yin aspect to the Yang that is Usui Reiki. When channeled together, the energy of the Violet Flame creates a stronger, all-encompassing healing experience. When focusing on Violet Flame Reiki, practitioners often feel a cool sensation, and a “softer” energy. However, this doesn’t mean that the energy is less effective, or less “potent”; in fact, Violet Flame Reiki is very strong and acts quickly. Its unique vibration is simply felt in a different way than Usui Reiki.


Violet Flame Reiki is not meant to be used separately from Usui Reiki; in fact, it is meant to complement and strengthen your Reiki healing sessions. After you receive your attunement, there is no need to focus on either “type” of Reiki, as the Violet Flame will flow spontaneously. With Usui Reiki, you channel the Reiki energy regardless of your level of attunement. The practitioner/master doesn't channel a specific level of Reiki; they simply channel the all encompassing energy of Reiki. Since there is a prerequisite that the student be attuned to Level 3 Reiki as a Reiki Master, the Violet Flame is an advanced Master attunement which further enhances and strengthens your ability to channel Reiki.


It can be very helpful to play with the energy pulsing between your palms before your Violet Flame Reiki attunement, so that you can feel the difference in the energy that you channel. Simply create a ball of energy between your palms, and notice how it feels and how easy it is to manipulate (increase in size, change its shape, or move around). After your Violet Flame attunement, do the same thing – You may notice a huge difference.

The Violet Flame attunement makes you a permanent channel for this form of Reiki, which will change your healing experiences forever. The Violet Flame and Usui Reiki attunements connect you to the Yin and Yang aspects of Life Force Energy respectively, so that whenever you channel Reiki, you are sharing this complete energy healing system. Violet Flame Reiki has four levels and forty symbols to which the student will be attuned all at the same time. Couples can be attuned together if both have satisfied the prerequisite of attunement to Level 3 Reiki Master.

The Violet Flame Manual will be emailed to you within 24 hours of receipt of payment, so you can begin right away. When you have completed the manual, your instructor will perform a distance attunement to the four levels and forty symbols of Violet Flame Reiki. Upon completion of your attunement, you will earn your professional certification as a Violet Flame Reiki Master. The signed certificate will be emailed to you, and is suitable for display in your home or office. Unlimited instructor support will be available to you after your certification.


$55.00 Individual

$95.00 Couple

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